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Warrior Ordinary Street 33 - 04 

“Warrior” is an athletic shoe brand born in 1927 in Shanghai. Primarily used by schoolchildren they became the ‘signature shoes’ for popular sports like basketball and volleyball. A role that enabled the iconic shape and graphics to settle in the social imaginary, till the progressive supplant by western sports brands during the ‘90s.

WOS33, standing for Warrior Ordinary Streetwear 33 (33 being a lucky number) brings back the essence of a 90-year-old story, choosing to reintroduce the first and most recognisable design. An actual symbol of Chinese pop-culture. A single-product filled with stories and memories, definitely stuck in the minimum iconography of Chinese everyday life and still visible at the feet of whoever, from kids to gramps.

The aim of this brand renaissance is to introduce in European and USA markets an authentic Chinese icon, telling a story yet preserving the original positioning of ‘people’s shoes’. From China to the world, a minimal but sharp aesthetics offers a new option for normcore and understated insiders.

Using modern technology we refined details such as an improved inner sole, upgraded materials and a new conceived construction of the shoes in order to make them durable and versatile, for a 24/7 use merging heritage and innovation.