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 Street art rallies people behind the idea of "messing with the program" in a society dominated by corporate imagery.It is a rebellious wrench in the spokes,a disruption of the semiotics of consumption.It is through this that OBEY has carved a name itself worldwide,spearheading the global street art movement through its platforms,with apparel being an effective medium for expression.

Malaysian street artist Fritilldea joins forces with OBEY in a special collaboration; part of an initiative to introduce street artists from south East Asia to the world. This marks the first ever collaboration between obey and an artist from Malaysia.

Fritilldea itself has been a fan of OBEY since the 1990's with the principles of Shepard Fairey enabling him to pursue his craft.For this collection, he incorporates his signature line-work with local elements of the traditional Malay "KERIS" and his hood of Gombak (GBK) into the instantly recognisable silhouette of the OBEY GIANT.

This limited edition collection consist of two(2) tees, made in the USA, and is only available in Malaysia and Singapore.