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  • Herringbone flannel shirt
  • Felt appliqué and screenprint on back
  • Chain stitch embroidery on chest
  • Chest pockets with flaps
  • Good Luck pin on collar
  • Tortoise buttons
  • LMC woven label branding
  • 100% cotton

    Loser Machine’s inception came from professional skateboarder Adrian Lopez’s love for all things fast. The name “Loser Machine” comes from a group of friends, once stereotyped for being counter culture. Fast forward to today, LMC embraces all individuals that run outside the norm with the motto “We don’t care what you think, and we invite you to do the same.”

    LMC embodies a sense of pride in community, craftsmanship, and the freedom that comes with being true to your trade, yourself, and others. The foundation of LMC is built off of the following four core values: Brotherhood, Pride, Originality, Good Time.